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Scrappydog 27 Aug, 17:41 –  Looks like Daredevil may be my kind of thing…maybe…
Scrappydog 26 Aug, 16:33 –  Well im also away from tomorrow so i dont expect much to be alive in ARK when i return D: You smelly Doedicurus xDDD http://ark.gamepedia.com/Doedicurus
Scrappydog 26 Aug, 01:58 –  LMFAO! xDD

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug that allowed players to rally off mesmer clones.
Fixed a client crash that occurred when players stopped spectating rangers in PvP.
Fixed a bug that allowed players in stealth to be finishable by enemies.
Scrappydog 26 Aug, 01:50 –  lmfao there is a bug where Mesmer clones allow players to rally if killed xD